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Ways To Give

The Halifax Community Fridge relies on the generosity of donors to upkeep and fill the fridge! 

We accept online donations, in-person grocery drop-offs, and purchases made from our Amazon Wishlist


Let's fill it all up!


Let's fill the fridge!


Let's fill the pantry!

Keep the fridge full.
Donate today


 Please Donate Food

Consider the following suggestions as a source of inspiration, rather than an exhaustive list, for what the community needs when it comes to stocking the fridge and pantry.


Milk, almond milk, eggs, raw vegetables, butter

Easy Meals

Ramen, cup noodles, canned soup

Freezer Foods

Microwave meals, frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets

Health and Wellbeing

Diapers (baby, toddler, adult), formula, new seasonal accessories (when in season: hats, mittens, warmers, socks), soap, toothpaste, deodorant

Non-alcoholic Beverages

water, juice, drink mix (miO, Kool-Aid), Gatorade,  meal supplement drinks 

Pantry and

Snack Items

Peanut butter, jam, cereal, coffee, pasta, beans, rice, canned goods, granola bars, apple sauce, pudding

Please DO NOT Donate

Bruised, Expired, Moldy

No food should be passed the expiry date or rotten. If you wouldn't eat it, please don't donate it

Raw Meat

Please do not donate raw meat or seafood. Only pre-cooked meat is permitted due to food safety 

Broken, Opened, Damaged 

All packaging must be  unopened and not damaged in any way 

Medicine, Vitamines, Supplements

Please do not donate any diet supplements, over-the-counter or prescription medicine


We do not accept items that contain alcohol (beverages, mouth wash, hand sanitizer)

Razors  & Sharps

Please do not donate sharp or potentially harmful items

In Freezing Temperatures

During cold temperatures, please do not donate:

food items in glass jars. water-rich foods (cucumbers, tomatoes), Leafy greens (lettuce, spinach), and place canned items in the fridge 

Home Cooked Food

We do not accept homemade food items. All food must be prepared in a certified commercial kitchen, individually packaged, with common allergens and expiry dates clearly labelled

Clothing and Home Goods

We are unable to accept clothing and home goods donations at the Fridge. The exception is cold weather accessories such as mittens, toques, warm socks during colder months

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